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To become an active member, you must have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in music from an accredited institution and a minimum of two years of teaching experience.

This is for the applicant who has a degree in music, but does not have two years of teaching experience, OR for the applicant who does not have a degree in music but has had formal training and experience teaching music.

This is for the college student who wants to become part of the Association (half price membership fee).

California Plan (CalPlan)
Cal Plan is a project of the Music Teachers’ Association of California as of 2011. Through its curriculum it establishes a definite minimum standard of knowledge for the teaching of music. The full Cal Plan curriculum is designed for teachers with limited experience who do not have enough points to become provisional or active members of MTAC.

Affiliate / Contributor
Business Affiliate Membership may be approved for non-teaching persons, including firms and institutions interested in supporting the Purposes of the Association.

Ideally, members of the San Diego Branch should plan to attend at least two meetings a year, enroll their students in Branch festivals and Certificate of Merit®. 

Membership in the Music Teachers’ Association of California affords both members and their students many opportunities for growth and performance. MTAC members can enroll their students in any of the following programs:

Please contact Yvonne Shanks, Membership Secretary, for more information at: