It is extremely important to logically introspect one’s self to analyze strengths and weaknesses as it helps in being physically and mentally ready for various challenges or hurdles that come our way. Knowingly or unknowingly human mind tends to form an opinion about self all the time based on various situations that one faces and reactions to the same. Based on this, one might think high, low or neutral or hopeless of one’s self. They either draw boundaries around their capabilities or set no boundaries but take every task as a new challenge. Knowledge of self plays a crucial role in forming personality traits and helps oneself and others to predict how one confronts hurdles in life.
When it comes to forming a psychological opinion about one’s self, Self-Efficacy and Self-Esteem are two important concepts that people mentally battle with. More often than not, people tend to mix up both concepts so badly that they tend to form a wrong opinion about themselves and let life unfold accordingly pagalworld.
Self-Efficacy: In simple terms, self-efficacy means knowing whether we can or cannot perform a task at hand. It has more to do with self confidence in completing an assignment or a challenge. One can feel different levels of it for various kinds of tasks. For example : A person good at basket ball could feel high levels of self-efficacy towards the task whereas have low self-efficacy if he needs to swim or play other sports if he is not good at them. It is a part of what and how we feel about ourselves and may or may not influence our whole personality.

Self-Esteem: On the other hand, self-esteem is more to do with what and how we regard ourselves. In simple words, it is the level of respect that we give ourselves based on personality, physical and psychological traits. It could get influenced by social factors as well. People may give importance to social factors such as how our friends, peers and loved ones think about ourselves. For example: a person who is super handsome may have high levels of self-esteem whereas a person who is not that good looking may feel like a failure. In many cases, it is more to do with how we mentally feel by the influence of others words as opposed to the actual facts. For example: a person who is highly intelligent may regard himself or herself as stupid if peers or teachers or family members constantly tell them about hindi dubbed movies that they are not intelligent.
People tend to get confused between efficacy and esteem as many of them could experience low self-esteem if they are unable to complete a task when compared to their peers. In reality, they could be good at many other things that would make their peers look up to them. At the same time, people with high self-efficacy tend to maintain good levels of self-esteem due to their stamina to finish a said task. Hence it is important to know the concepts clearly to know ourselves better.

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