Since the time immemorial music has been part of our universe and our lives. There is music everywhere and everything around us. Over the years, a lot of music forms have branched out. There are tunes to set needed ambience and mood. It plays a crucial role in emphasizing cultural significance in a lot of communities across the globe. There are billions of tunes and songs created over the centuries and continue to grow at a faster pace than anticipated. Smart phones and gadgets taken over our lives and it would not be exaggerating to say that none of them will be used without user’s favorite songs. Smart phones, music and earphone or headphones are perfect combo to forget life pressures and challenges.


Spiritual Purpose:


Music has started as a form of praising and worshiping God. Worshipers write lyrics to sing how great and kind God has been to them and music gives life to these feelings. No prayer is complete without a good amount of time spent in praise and worship. People feel spiritually closer to the Almighty while chanting God’s glory and all the good things he has done for them. In almost all the religions, believers strongly feel that God gets moved by singing hymns. It would not be wrong to say that there is no religion on earth who do not use music as a means to please the creator.


Psychological Purpose:


As humans we face a lot of challenges in our day to day lives. In the current generation, life is defined and invisible boundaries are drawn around work, money, family and friends. Living has become a challenge and music saving a lot of people while dealing with these tests. Almost all of us use our tunes or songs as the first and quickest step to handle stress. There are people who play music in the background while completing almost all the tasks to ensure they do not feel the work burden and stay focused. Music is a healer for many stressed out, heartbroken and depressed people. It makes them feel relaxed and calm their minds. As a matter of fact, people who are in love or heartbroken relate themselves with the lyrics. Music has the power to control nervous system as it helps in releasing happy hormones that in turn help in soothing brain cells.


Entertainment Purpose:


One of the biggest reason for people to listen to music is that it entertains them. There are many songs and tunes created with the pure purpose of entertainment. Skilled DJs and musicians are paid very high to keep their crowd on the dance floor for long. Music concerts are a billion dollar business for producers as millions of people from all parts of the world attend them. Love, hate, heartbreak, happy, excited, name an emotion and there are songs on it. Billions of discs are sold every year is proof enough show what a place that music has in the hearts of its listeners.


No matter how deep and meaningful lyrics are, without proper beats they are just words. Musician make sure that these words live forever in the hearts of their listeners through meaningful and appropriate tunes.

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